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Are we having a summer this year?  Has it officially started now?  I love visiting care providers any time of the year, but one of the highlights of my job has always been driving round the more rural parts of Devon in the summer months, taking in the breathtaking scenery on my visits to care providers in Bideford, Barnstaple and the north coast.  Somehow that element of the sea being bluer, the cliffs higher and the grass greener seems less prominent this year – can’t think why.  However, life goes on as they say, rain or shine, and care providers still need the projects and the WDF, so I will be knocking on your doors before long.

It’s so encouraging when I ring up an employer to remind them about the NMDS and they say proudly ‘Oh yes, I’ve just updated mine’.  Wonderful!  The fact that you are doing your NMDS is a good sign and may mean we will receive a claim for some WD funding from you.  Still plenty of money to give away by the way – don’t miss this opportunity to get some extra cash for your training budget!  (And we are also hoping to be able to offer you an extra boost for dementia qualifications too…watch this space.)

In other news, keep Tuesday 30th October free for our third annual event bringing care providers and training providers together to see what’s on offer (Exeter Corn Exchange).  The event will be packed with useful information, some lively Q and A sessions and plenty of opportunities to hook up with other people, so please try and make it. 

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