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Improve your maths and English – courses across Devon

Would you like to develop your English or maths skills? Why not join one of our ‘Improve your’ courses. You’ll work in a small, friendly group with a professional, experienced tutor and will focus on developing the skills you require to achieve recognised qualifications.

Plus, if you don’t already have a GCSE in the subject at grade A* to C and you meet certain eligibility criteria, you will be able to join the course for free.

Improve your maths

During this course, you will work at a variety of practical investigations, online and paper-based exercises, interactive games and other activities depending on the skills you need to develop – from taking away and working out percentages, to understanding graphs and averages.

Improve your English

This course will cover communication, reading and writing in everyday situations. For example, you may learn how to:

  • Communicate in everyday situations
  • Contribute to discussion of ideas and opinions
  • Understand sentence construction
  • Identify the purpose of texts
  • Use basic punctuation
  • Plan and adapt texts
  • Plan and draft writing

Courses are held across Devon, at various times of day, please visit the Learn Devon website for more info.

English for speakers of other languages - Learn Devon website.