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NHS Five Year Forward View

NHS Five Year Forward View


This document was published today and sets out a vision for the future of the NHS to close the widening gaps in the health of the population, quality of care and the funding of services.

The Forward View is a collaboration between six leading NHS groups including Monitor, Health Education England, the NHS Trust Development Authority, Public Health England, the Care Quality Commission and NHS England. It represents the first time the NHS has set out a clear sense of direction for the way services need to change and improve.

The document says that the NHS has been getting better in the last 15 years, despite its tight budgets and building service pressures. However, it warns:

·         The quality of care can be variable

·         Preventable illness is widespread

·         Health inequalities are deep-rooted

·         Patients’ needs are changing

·         New treatment options are emerging

·         The sector faces particular challenges in areas such as mental health, cancer and support for frail older persons.

The purpose of the Five Year Forward View is to:

  • Articulate why change is needed
  • What that change might look like
  • How it can be achieve.

It describes various models of care which could be provided in the future, a new relationship with patients and communities and defines the actions required at local and national level to support delivery.

It covers areas such as:

  • Disease prevention
  • New, flexible models of service delivery tailored to local populations and      needs
  • Integration between services
  • Consistent leadership across the health and care system.

The Five Year Forward View starts the move towards a different NHS, recognising the challenges and outlining potential solutions to the big questions facing health and care services in England. It defines the framework for further detailed planning about how the NHS needs to evolve over the next five years.

NHS England’s Chief Executive Simon Stevens explained the Forward View is not a blueprint for care throughout the entire country, adding: “England is too big for a one-size-fits-all plan, and nor is the answer to simply let ‘a thousand flowers bloom’. It’s horses for courses”.