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Complaints Matter

This report highlights the point that too often complaints are met with a defensive culture instead of a willingness to listen and learn. It states that a service that is well-led and wants to improve will encourage staff to raise concerns without fear of reprisal. CQC are actively encouraging the staff of care providers to inform them if they know about poor care and for complaints and concerns to be used to improve care quality.

The CQC’s new and more thorough methods of reviewing complaints handling will allow inspectors to get a more comprehensive picture of the state of complaints. CQC will be working closely with partners to develop a listening culture that encourages and embraces complaints and concerns as opportunities to improve the quality of care.

This report:

  • Describes how complaints and concerns fit into CQC’s new regulatory model.
  • Presents early findings on the state of complaints handling.
  • Gives an initial analysis of complaints handling in health and social care services.
  • Reveals a wide variation in the way complaints are handled and that much more could be done to encourage an open culture where concerns are welcomed and learned from.