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BBC connected studio - service for people with dementia

There is no doubt that TV can play a useful role when caring for someone with dementia. The right show at the right time can help a loved one to relax and may even stir good memories and great conversation. But it can be difficult to find something that will resonate with them. Until now.

This BBC site contains items from their archives (including video clips, audio clips and images) which it’s hoped will help people with dementia to trigger happy memories and spark conversation with family and friends.

The permanent archive includes popular television and radio programmes throughout the decades, including Zoo Quest, The Goon Show, The Generation Game, Tomorrow’s World, Parkinson and many more. News footage of Royal visits, political speeches and moments from history such as the moon landings are also easily accessed, some of which haven’t been seen by the public since they were first broadcast decades ago. Generic photos and footage showing everyday life from the 1930’s onwards (children playing, familiar train and tube journeys, football matches etc ) are also likely to be very popular.

The archive is divided into themes and decades and is very easy to navigate. You can choose to watch clips from any decade from the 1930’s onwards, or you can browse by themes such as childhood, animals, music, people, TV shows, etc.

RemArc is available here https://remarc.pilots.bbcconnectedstudio.co.uk/remarc/


HOME SMART HOME: The shape of things to come

This report was commissioned to look at how smart technologies in the home could transform independent living for future older generations. The in-depth investigation concludes that, within the next 20 years, older people are likely to be living in an intelligent ‘Cognitive Home’ that is almost human, and which is able to assess and manage individual needs and desires. It is the first ever report commissioned to look at the role new technologies could play in helping to manage the challenges and opportunities presented by a rapidly ageing population.


Fast forward to digital care

This report looks at the future of digital care technologies and how the move from analogue to digital or IP systems is transforming the home. The UK telecommunications infrastructure is shifting from analogue to digital as a result of the digital revolution taking place in the UK, which will create challenges for retirement housing and care providers. For instance, analogue systems (such as telecare alarms) may be incompatible with digital networks. But it also presents significant opportunities. Digital leaders can leverage the speed, scalability and data richness of this new infrastructure and communications protocol to deliver affordable, contemporary, person centred care and promote wellbeing.