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Department of Health Strategic Statement for Social Work with Adults in England 2016 - 2020

The adult social care sector has become an exceptionally challenging environment to work in as a combination of an aging population and increasing demand and expectations, create further demand on social care and social work services.

The Department’s vision for adult social work is for a highly skilled, capable and confident profession, which is clear about its role in working with people to empower, protect and promote their wellbeing and inclusion and its contribution to supporting people across the wider health and care system.

The statement sets out what the Department is doing and will do in the future to raise the standing and status of the social work profession, through their continuing reform programme.

It includes:

  • a commitment to social work as a single profession, with common values, skills and knowledge
  • the creation of a specialist regulator to raise the quality of education, training and practice
  • a sustained focus on continuous professional development and the creation of accredited and specialist roles
  • the intention to consult on how the Government can make the best use of funding for social work education