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Managing Medicines for adults receiving Social Care in the Community

This guideline has been developed to help ensure that adults who receive social care in the community get the support they need to manage their medicines safely and effectively.  This includes extra care housing, Shared Lives Scheme (formerly Adult Placement Scheme) living arrangements, sheltered housing (such as supported housing or specialist accommodation), supported living and temporary accommodation (such as for people who are homeless).


Social care in the community is defined as care and support in their own home for adults who:

·         The local authority has to discharge a duty or responsibility under either the Care Act 2014 or the Mental Health Act 1983

·         Receive any social care component of an NHS continuing care package

·         Self-fund their own care and support.


The guideline includes recommendations on:

·         Governance arrangements and joint working between health and social care

·         Assessing medicines support needs

·         Supporting people to take their medicines, including covert administration and managing concerns

·         Staff training and competency

·         Sharing medicines information and record keeping

·         Safely ordering and supplying medicines and transporting, storing and disposing of medicines