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New Guidance From NICE

This new guidance from NICE (the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence), aims to improve support for thousands of young people receiving health or social care as they become adults. The independent committee of experts who developed the new guideline found that support for young people moving from children’s to adults’ services can often be patchy and inconsistent.  

This guideline covers the period before, during and after a young person moves from children's to adults' services. It aims to help young people and their carers have a better experience of transition by improving the way it’s planned and carried out. It covers both health and social care.

This guideline includes recommendations on:

  • overarching principles for good transition
  • planning transition
  • support before and after transfer
  • the supporting infrastructure for transition

It also recommends that the young person should always be fully involved in in care planning and that transition support should also cover areas such as education and employment, community inclusion, health and wellbeing and independent living.

The guideline was developed by the NICE Collaborating Centre for Social Care, which is led by SCIE.